Memphis Wasp Removal Experts Do The Following:

• Inspection – determining what is needed to provide an effective wasp control plan.

• Documentation – explaining the specifics of the overall wasp removal plan and the findings and results of, not only the initial inspection, but scheduled follow-up services as well.

• Education – explaining the behavior, diet and habitat of wasps and how this information will be helpful to the homeowner.

• Selection of the best wasp control methods – traps, light modification, mechanical and insecticidal controls, and physical removal.

• Cultural controls – modifying the area around the home or business to reduce the number of sites that are suitable for wasps to nest.

• Exclusion – making it hard for wasps to get inside the structure.

• Sanitation – keeping the area clean and efficiently reducing access to the wasp’s sources of food.

• Emergency services, if needed.

Professional Memphis Wasp Removal Services

The professional pest exterminators at Mid-South Pest & Termites are trained to remove wasp nests from your home or property so you don’t have to.  Typically, wasps will not attack unless they sense you are threatening their nest where they raise their young. This is why it’s important to call a professional Memphis wasp removal service to take care of a wasp problem.


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