There are over 4,000 known species of cockroaches, but there are only five main species of cockroaches that become pests.


The German cockroach has proven the most difficult to control. The male roach is light brown and the female somewhat darker. They hide in the daytime in crevices and beneath boxes. Around 30 of 40 eggs hatch from egg capsules that are carried by the female roach.


Brown-banded cockroaches thrive in the northeast, mid-west and southern states. The male has wings that extend past the abdomen and the female wings are shorter and leave some of the abdomen exposed. The roach egg capsule is 3/16 inch long and after two or three days is attached by the female roach in a hidden place. About 13 roaches will hatch from each egg case.


The male roach is different from the female because of their wings. The male wings are fully developed and the female’s are very small, rudimentary wings. They are slower and less skittish than other types of roaches. Their egg capsule is deposited in a warm sheltered place. An average of 14 nymphs hatch from each egg capsule.


The smoky brown cockroach is shiny and uniformly dark-brown to mahogany in color. These roaches are attracted to lights at night and are good at flying. They lose moisture and need water every two to three days. There are 20 nymphs that hatch from dark brown egg cases.


The American cockroach is the biggest type of roach threat. Since they are attracted primarily by food, they are common in kitchens, restaurants, and grocery stores. They can fly by gliding and hide their egg capsules in well hidden places. There are up to 16 eggs in each capsule.

*Quick Tips*:

  • Store food in glass jars or sealed containers.
  • Keep garbage and trash in containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Get rid of piles, like newspapers, magazines, paper bags, rags, boxes and other items.
  • Eliminate plumbing leaks.
  • Vacuum cracks and crevices to get rid of food and other debris.
  • Clean up food or beverage spills as soon as they happen.
  • Remove trash and stacks of lumber or firewood that may be outside.


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