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With over 5 decades of local pest experience, Mid-South Pest & Termite understands the Memphis pest control problems and how to solve them effectively. Each time we implement progressive techniques, know that they were all designed with your pest extermination needs in mind.

Memphis is also known for its humid climate that’s perfect for flourishing plant growth, lush landscaping and lots of insects, bugs and pests.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Home and Family

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and solutions proven to control stubborn pests, including implementing bed bug inspections and bed bug removal.

For Memphis termite control, our services include complete protection services for your home or business against all manner of destructive termites including subterranean termites.

Spider Control Experts in Memphis

Spiders belong outside your home. If you see spider webs hanging in your ceiling corners or you’ve seen spiders skirting across your floor or wall, you may have a spider infestation.

Spiders can live up to two years and reproduce multiple times throughout their lifespan. When you call us, we’ll send a pest exterminator trained with the latest pest control solutions & techniques. We walk you through the extermination process, so you know exactly what to expect with our services.

Mosquito Control in Memphis, TN

Every year mosquitoes kill more people than any other living thing. They fly around easily spreading the dangerous, and often fatal, diseases they carry [source: WHO].

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Elimination of the infestation of bed bugs requires the services of pest control professionals who understand the habits and biology of the bed bug and can find and treat all places where bugs and eggs may be present. Although we can provide visual bed bug inspections, a canine bed bug inspection is the quickest and most accurate barometer to finding bed bugs.

Be prepared to be wowed by our courteous staff and excellent service.

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