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If the thought of seeing a roach scurry across the floor, or you’ve seen ants take over your kitchen stresses you out, you are correct to be concerned.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Home and Family

Pests in your home can harm the contents of your home or property, as well as cause damage to the structure of your home or business. These pests can bite or sting you or your animals, and many pests, such as rodents, mosquitoes and ticks can carry nasty diseases that put your family at risk.

Termite Control Services

If you suspect you have termites, call a Germantown termite exterminator today! Mid-South Pest & Termite pest specialists are certified and highly trained. They will work closely with you to determine the best pest protection for you, your family and pets. Ignoring termites can result in costly repairs – call us today so we can begin getting rid of them!

Bed Bug Treatments

Elimination of the infestation of bed bugs requires the services of pest control professionals who understand the habits and biology of the bed bug and can find and treat all places where bugs and eggs may be present. Although we can provide visual bed bug inspections, a canine bed bug inspection is the quickest and most accurate barometer to finding bed bugs.

Note: Due to the intricacy of work required for bed bug control, this service is provided as an additional service outside of our regular pest control programs.

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If you suspect you have bed bugs in your home or hotel in Germantown or anywhere in the greater Memphis area, call us for a free inspection.

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